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PCEFIS by PCFlight Systems
The complete electronic instrument panel with electronic attitude and directional gyros for PocketPC Computers.


  • EFIS Flight Attitude Display
  • Directional Gyro Display
  • Turn Coordinator/Slip Display
  • Low Cost, 100% Sold State - No moving parts
  • High Reliability Electronic Gyros
  • Uses Compaq iPaq PocketPC
  • Battery Powered, Portable
  • GPS Interface
  • Flight Director
  • Highway in the Sky



PCEFIS has been flight proven in hundreds of different aircraft - over a thousand systems have been delivered during the past year.

You can now have a complete "glass cockpit" instrument panel for less than $2000. Numerous options are available including the following:

  • Complete engine instrumentation system - including transducer interface and display
  • Airdata interface to display true airspeed and altitude, and GPS groundspeed/altitude
  • Moving Map Display software that runs simultaneously with PCEFIS
  • Weather Depiction option
  • 10.1" Multifunction Color Display - 1024 x 768 resolution - sunlight readable - 1500 NIT
  • Multiple iPaq display options to provide full instrument panel functionality
  • Avionics interfaces - including autopilots, radio tuning and full ARINC 429 support
  • Audio alert functions - terrain, obstacles, gear up warnings
  • Head up Display option
  • Custom systems available

Order eGYRO-PCEFIS today for only $895.

Download a demo of our EFIS software. This demonstration runs on your Compaq iPaq PDA. Download this file to your computer and use Microsoft Active Sync or equivalent to copy it onto your iPaq.  The demo software will only work on the Compaq iPaq and will not run on a desktop/laptop PC.